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REALITY VS REALITY - It's all in how you look at it.


APPARENTLY SPACE IS NOT THE FINAL FRONTIER - Why all the fuss about reading the bill before voting for it? Nancy and Harry have there shills rewrite the bills after they get passed! Yes, its shocking but TRUE!!

low information voters -

Do you wonder? -

THE LOOK..... - that happens when bills pass without being read....

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - A reminder of why its bad to vote for Democrats- they have a proclivity to write the bills AFTER they vote them into effect!

IMAGINE THAT! - John Boehner will open up the New Congress by Reading the U.S. Constitution. Imagine something finally being read in those halls! PRICELESS

ROY COOPER - Please Win Thank you for sticking up for Tarheels

Because Barack ran up America's -

how bills become laws -